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Ron Shaver, Racing Genius PLUS the Power and Performance of PRO Cylinder Heads...
Ron Shaver's racing engines have won more titles in more types of motorsports than we can name. Ron's choice for cylinder heads? PRO, hands down. Why? Ron says, "I was asked to test the design and was so impressed, I had to become a distributor... Unbeatable features and flow numbers." Gains of over 5% over the competition. Complete assemblies include quality parts hand-picked by a master engine builder. Multiple valve, chamber, and runner sizes. Gas or Alcohol. Turbo and Nitrous versions. Dozens of configurations. No wonder top teams (like NHRA record-holder Wayne Ramay, Art Chrisman, Bill Wayne, Don Enricas, Bob McCray, Mark Mahood, Jimmy Blackmon) run Pro heads... All this plus tech support from the tech wizards at Shaver. Just a phone call away at 1-877-776-4323. For more information on PRO heads, please see our other web site at

PRO Cylinder Heads - 23░ Iron or Aluminum - 14░ Aluminum

Latest Independent Test Data - PRO's 23░ As Cast Out of the Box @ 28.0"
Valve Lift0.1000.2000.3000.4000.5000.6000.7000.800
Intake Flow66.40134.50191.50232.00259.60278.30291.20295.90
Exhaust Flow55.70110.00146.70175.00192.02201.40206.60210.30

Latest Independent Test Data - PRO's 14░ 100% CNC Drag Head @ 28.8"

Valve Lift0.1000.2000.3000.4000.5000.6000.700
Intake Flow76.56161.64234.17299.99353.27383.72401.21
Exhaust Flow67.26119.04188.82229.24251.97266.18274.08

           FEATURES INCLUDE...
Manganese Guides, Fully CNC ported or CNC Chambers, Extra Thick Walls for Porting, Multi-Angled Inlet & Radius Exhaust, Improved Water Jacket, Ductile Iron Seats, Pockets accept 1.550" Springs, Straight or Angled Plugs...

23░ Cast Iron Lightning
fully assembled with Shaver's hand-picked kits... from$725

23░ Aluminum Lightning
fully assembled with Shaver's hand-picked kits... from $995

14░ Aluminum As Cast $995

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