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Bare Blocks
Although any size and make of engine is available, we specialize in the aluminum small-block Chevrolet and Ford. Fontana, Donovan and Rodeck blocks are available, either as-marketed by the manufacturer or ready-to-assemble, finished to our standards. Please specify when ordering. needle bearings are optional.

S-35OA    Chevrolet Aluminum Block
S-3501      Chevrolet Iron Block
S-35OD     Donovan Block
S-35ODF   Featherweight Donovan Block
S-35OR     Rodeck Block
S-351F      Fontana Block
S-3511      Ford Iron SVO Block

Main Caps
To give superior reliability when a cast iron block is used, we recommend replacing the stock cast main caps with steel billet caps.

S-1O6  4-Bolt Center Caps
S-107   Front Caps

Main Stud Kits
If the stock caps are retained, high quality studs are available to reduce cap movement and stabilize the bottom end.

S-104 2-Bolt Stud Kit
S-105 4-Bolt Stud Kit


Freeze Plugs and Screens
These brass freeze plugs resist corrosion so you don't wind up with a water leak at the worst possible time. The stainless screens are epoxied into the oil drain back holes to prevent any broken valve gear debris from getting into the sump. This saves expensive rebuilds on oil pumps.

S-174   Screen Kit
S-1741 Freeze Plug Kit



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