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Rocker Studs and Guide plates
Screw-in rocker studs and standard guide plates are available for Chevrolet and Brodix heads as web as offset guideplates for Brownfield heads.

S-120   Rocker Studs
S-119   Guide plates, Standard
S-1191 Guide plates, offset



Rev Kit
To add reliability On high-revving engines with today's more radical camshaft profiles, rev kits are a necessity. Shaver rev kits Offer excellent lifter control without excessive over-the-nose pressure.

S-127 Shaver Rev Kit


Shaver Valve Covers
Most of the engines prepared by Shaver Racing Engines are sold with our own die-cast aluminum valve covers. We offer a variety of styles, with or without our logo. Volume orders (500 or more) can be ordered with your custom logo. Standard valve covers are available polished or unpolished. Our NASCAR style covers feature a crossover breather. The Sprint Car style covers have twin breathers. All Shaver valve covers are roomy enough to clear shaft mounted rockers. Also available with valve spring oilers.

S-1605NS  NASCAR Style Covers
S-1605SP   Sprint Car Style Covers
S-1605PP   Standard Covers, Polished
S-1605P     Standard Covers, Unpolished

Air Filters
We carry a full line of K&N air filters for every application. Oil them up well before using. They'll keep your engine cleaner and promote longer ring life. When they get dirty, follow the instructions for cleaning, oil them up and you're ready to go again.

S-160    Fuel Injection Filters
S-1601  Cross over Breathers


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