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Since cam design is the key to winning racing engine, we offer cams that were designed to fit our specs and catalog racing cams from several top manufacturers that we have found to work very well for many racing applications. Call for specs. Shaver highly recommends using roller bearing camshafts for all-out competition engines. We are one of the few companies that can drill and tap a cam after it has been heat-treated. This threaded drive hole in the rear journal of the cam is available for a small extra charge, in any of the cams we sell. We also see the spuds, drives and seals for this application.

S-1-8       Shaver Roller Camshaft
S-1-8D     Drilled Shaver Roller Camshaft
S-1-8RB   Roller Camshaft w/Roller Bearings
S-1-DRB  Drilled Roller Camshaft w/Roller Bearings

Shaver-Wesmar Gear Drives
A collaborative effort from two top engine builders, Ron Shaver and Bob Wesphal, the new Shaver-Wesmar gear drives are designed to give accurate, consistent cam timing under tough racing conditions. Made of ultra-light alum aircraft alloy, the gear drives are easy to install, long-lived and highly adjustable. They fit most small-block Chevrolets. Features include: a crack-resistant steel idler gear support, Torrington bearings, gears precision cut from 8620 steel with 20░ pressure angle, and black anodized finish.

S-131 Shaver-Wesmar Gear Drive


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