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Dry Sump Pumps
If the rules where you race allow it, a dry sump is the only way to go! consistent oil pressure, lower oil temperatures, and generally, more horsepower. Our favorite pumps come from four major manufacturers: Gambler, Aviad, Weaver and Barnes. Three-stage or four-stage; Either cam or belt driven. Gambler and Aviad pumps are available with a rear 3/8" hex accessory drive, if so desired. Belt drives are available with mounts to fit almost every application.

S-178    Weaver 3-Stage
S-179    Weaver 4-Stage
S-18O   Aviad 3-Stage
S-181    Aviad 4-Stage
S-1811  Gambler 4-Stage
S-1812  Gambler 3-Stage
S-1813  Barnes 3-Stage
S-1814  Barnes 4-Stage

Oil Pans We offer several makes and designs of oil pans for both Chevrolet and Ford motors. The pans we offer all bolt-on easily without modification. Moreover, they scavenge as much or more oil as any designs we have tried, reducing parasitic crank drag and contributing to higher horsepower readings.

S-1852  Olson Steel Oil Pan
S-1853  Moroso Aluminum oil Pan
S-1854  Hamburger Aluminum Oil Pan








Oil Tank
Shaver has designed an all new aluminum oil tank with the racer in mind. Made of lightweight aluminum. Features re moveable lid for easy clean out. For the price-conscious racer, this same design is available without the clean out

S-222  Oil Tank with clean out
S-223  Oil Tank without clean out


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