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Scavenge Tubes
Our Valley Sucker (far left) installs on your injector manifold to connect to the third scavenge stage of the oil pump. Our Engine Valley Breather Tube installs in lifter drain back holes, forcing oil accumulation in the engine valley for dry sump scavenge.

S-1521  Valley Sucker
S-192    Engine Valley Breather Tube

Oil Filters
We offer two oil filters which we have found useful for our racing engines: The Shaver In-Line filter for the scavenge lines (if pick-ups aren't screened), and the Oberg for the tank oil return line. Both can help you monitor the oil system and stay on top of engine condition, thereby reducing the likelihood of disastrous and costly engine failures.

S-193    Shaver In-line
S-1932  Oberg

Filter Adapters in 4 Popular Styles
We have 4 styles of filter adapters for spin-on filters. To keep the filter from hanging down where it can be knocked off, we recommend the 909 adapter. For the conventional filter mount, this billet replacement will live in an environment that would kill the stock cast part in a minute. The 909 adapter is also available with an oil-in port for dry sump systems or with a bypass. Finally, we offer a front remote adapter also made of billet.

S-195     90░ Adapter
S-1951   90░ Adapter win Oil-inlet
S-196     90░ Adapter with Bypass
S-1961   Front Remote Adapter

Belt Drives
Although we recommend our WoO front cover beltless system (on page 16), if you wish to run your oil and water pumps with Gilmer belts, we have the drive mandrels, pulleys, side plates, spacers, and belts to get you running.

S-188    Single Belt Drive
S-1881  Two Belt Drive
S-189    Three Belt Drive


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