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We have found that the self-contained Vertex, the MSD and the Mallory with its external coil work well on racing engines. These are available for V8's. We also offer Vertex magnetos for both odd and even fire V6's on a special order basis.

S-143          Vertex
S-144          Vertex with Tach Drive
S-143MAL  Malory Super Mag



Caps and Wires
Although it is a little difficult to get 8mm wire properly fitted into a Vertex cap, we have found that it further assists in preventing cross firing which can lead to serious engine damage. Both the wire covering and the boots are silicon rubber which is heat resistant . Wires come with either straight or 90░ boots. The wires are long enough to fit any small-block V8 and should be custom-fitted and cut for each application.

S-146   Vertex Cap
S150    Mag Wires

Mag Clamps
This nifty new map clamp from Barnes lets you preset the timing on a spare mag. Just set it and clamp it and remove the clamp with the mag. Next time you slide the mag in, it's right on the money.

S-1481  Barnes Mag Clamp
S-148    Hold-down Clamp

Mag Gear
Our aluminum bronze map gear is a must for billet roller cams. These are available for both standard and reverse rotation cams.

S-149  Mag Gear


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