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Shaver Front Drive
The Shaver front drive system has become the industry standard for the sprint car engine. We use the KSE front cover with crank-driven water pump and the dry sump oil pump which bolts right to the front cover and drives off the front of the cam. In conjunction with KSE, Shaver has developed newer, larger water pumps designed for use on high output engines, 750 to 1000 horsepower. They use 1 3/4" inlets with -16 outlets. Flow specs on both pumps are available on request. Call for details. These are terrific. Anything less is a compromise.

S-198     KSE Front Cover
S-199     KSE Water Pump
S-200A  KSE Large Water Pump

Racing Water Pumps
We carry both the Edelbrock and the Howard Stewart water pumps for Chevrolet and Ford engines. Both are belt-driven pumps with modified impeller for high rpm applications.

S-200ED  Edelbrock
S-200HS  Howard Stewart

We keep a complete line of high performance gaskets always in stock. Everything from the complete kits to individual head gaskets are available. We recommend only those gaskets that we use ourselves and also offer specially modified gaskets to fit our engine packages. We have the latest Fel Pro racing gaskets for all bore sizes, intake ports, and exhaust patterns. Call to place order.310-370-6941


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