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Leak Down Checker
This tool is invaluable for both monitoring ring and cylinder conditions as well as setting barrel valves and by-passes.

S-215  Leak Down Checker


Filter Cutter

Another great tool for the serious racer, this cutter neatly removes the bottom of an oil filter so the paper element can be examined for bearings or other residue.

S-1941  Filter Cutter

Sprint Tel Tach
A nice addition to any race car, with its easy to read LCD display. It records the maximum engine RPM allowing you to select the proper gearing.

S-218  Tel Tach


Timing Light

The Synchro Beam Timing Light is ideal for measuring the timing of racing engines. The Synchro Beam is also much brighter than other timing lights and much easier to operate. It is very compact, well designed, retractable cord makes it easy to store.

S-1943  Timing Light


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