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Carrillo Rods
Only the toughest rods are used in our super-reliable racing engines. We have virtually any Carrillo rod you might need, from stock length small journal, to our 6.000", 7/16" bolt large journal standard.

S-100  Carrillo Rods with SPS Bolts
S-101  Carrillo Rods with H-11 Bolts


Carrillo Bolts
Both the H-l l and the SPS Carrillo bolts are available. both are excellent quality. The H-l 1 bolt offers a savings. The SPS bolt is recommended for superior strength.

S-102  Carrillo SPS Bolts
S-103  Carrillo H-11 Bolts

Bearing Sets
Available from Clevite Or Federal Mogul, complete bearing sets, which include our specially reworked main set, specially relieved rod bearings for large radius cranks, and high load strength cam bearings, all as used in our racing engine assemblies, are available to fit any block and crank assembly.

S-1621  Rod Bearings
S-163    350 Main Bearings
S-164    400 Main Bearings
S-165    Cam Bearings


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