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Hilborn Fuel Injection
Shaver is an authorized distributor for Hilborn Fuel Injection. We have in stock the latest three piece manifold ranging from 2 3/16" to 2 1/2" butterfly sizes.

S-151         2 3/16" Injector
S-152         2 7/16" Injector
S-1522       2 1/2" Injector Aluminum
S-1522Mg  2 1/2" Injector Magnesium

Kinsler Injector
We also stock Kinsler injectors for Ford 2 5/8" and Chevrolet2 1/2".

S-152KF   2 5/3" Ford Injector
S-152KC   2 1/2" Chevy Injector

Nozzles and Injection Accessories
A full line of parts are available, from bypasses to special nozzles, to custom tailor your injection for maximum horsepower.

S-156    Standard Nobles
S-1561  Down Nobles
S-1562  Down Noble Line Kit
S-217    High Speed Bypass

Fuel Pumps
We offer racing fuel pumps from three popular manufacturers. Each is available in a number Of sizes to suit your engine's cid

S-153H     0O-Hilborn
S-1531H   1/2-Hilbom
S-153D      0O-DSR
S-1531D    1/2-DSR
S-153W     0-Waterman
S-1531W   1/2-Waterman


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