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Valve Springs
We offer several makes of valve springs which, over the years, have proven suitable for our racing engines.4000 to 8500 rpm. 240 Ibs. From 1.900" to 2.000" installed height. 575 lbs. at coil bind 1.200". These dual springs are made of the finest silicone steel materials. Also available, springs made from H- 11 Vasco jet material.

S1950      Shaver Valve Springs 1.950"
S-1900     Shaver Valve Springs 1.900"
S-2000     Shaver Valve Springs 2.000"
S-1950V  Vasco Valve Springs 1.950"

We have selected three brands of valves for use in our racing engines based on their exceptional flow characteristics and strength. Available are Manley, Del West, and Ferrah. Exhaust valve are available in tulip and nailhead configurations. Call for details. 310-370-6941

S-114M   Manley Intake
S-115M   Manley Exhaust
S114T      Del West Titanium Intake
S-115T     Del West Titanium Exhaust
S-114F     Ferrah Stainless Intake
S-115F     Ferrah Stainless Exhaust

Locks and Retainers
There are several different valve spring retainers available from Shaver. For extreme spring pressures, the 10░ titanium retainers and locks will resist pull-through most effectively. We have most sizes and depths of steel retainers in stock.

S-117    10° Steel Retainers
S-118    10° Titanium Retainers
S-1181  10° Locks

Valve Packages
For customers installing bare heads, we offer complete valve packages. The packages include: a set of valves, springs, retainers, aluminum bronze guides, steel spring seats and Teflon valve stem seals.



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