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Roller Rockers
We stock three types of roller rockers (from left to right) extruded aluminum Crane, stainless Norris and die-cast aluminum Isky. All are available in at least two ratios, 1.5:1 and 1.6:1 for both rocker stud sizes and with poly locks for either 3/8" or 7/16" studs.

S-129     Crane Extruded Aluminum
S-1281   Norris Stainless
S-128     Isky Die Cast Aluminum

Stud Girdle
Stud girdles are available for adding rigidity to the rocker studs and maintaining lash settings as web as increasing net valve lift where valve spring pressures have risen with the new design camshafts.

S-130   Stud Girdle, Standard
S-1301 Stud Girdle, Offset

Roller Lifters/Pushrods
Shaver roller lifters are available in standard or.150" offset for better valve train geometry and longer life. Pair them with our Chrome Moly pushrods for excellent stability. A choice of lengths and diameters are available for Ford and Chevrolet

S-124    Standard Lifters
S-1241  Offset Lifters
S-126    Chrome Moly Pushrods

Jessel Rockers
These shaft-mounted rockers offer phenomenal performance for high ram applications. Available for all popular cylinder head configurations.

S-1284  Jessel Rockers


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